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Midea 5.0hp R410 Cassette Type AC [MCD-48CRN1]


  • Air Flow Panel
  • On & Off Switch
  • Anti Cold Air Function
  • R410 Gas


Operating ambient temperatures

Cooling mode: 15 … + 50 °C
Heating mode: 15 … + 24 °C

Built-in drain pump

Built-in drain pump

The drain pump can lift the condensing water up to 750mm.

Compresor DC inverter
Compresor DC inverter
full DC inverter

Night Mode

Night Mode

Mode is activated with the remote control and provides a comfortable environment for a peaceful and deep sleep during the 7-hour cycle with a temperature change of reference values​​, as well as setting the minimum noise level and economical energy consumption. After that, the temperature returns to the originally specified value.

Night Mode

Redirecting the flow of air to neighboring rooms using air ducts

Duct connections

With the help of air ducts, it is possible to organize the redirection of part of the treated air flow to neighboring rooms.

Duct connection options
Duct connections
Duct connections
Duct connection example

Dry Mode

Dry Mode

Dry mode automatically selects cooling, based on the difference between fixed and temparaturoy actual room temperature. The temperature is regulated while reducing humidity repeated switching on and off of the cooling and ventilation only. when the dry mode on the remote control shows “Drop”


Cooling Capacity

5.0 hp


Brand: MIDEA
  • Capacity (Cooling, Horse Power): 3.5
  • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr): 36,000
Air Flow
  • Optimal Single Blade: Yes
  • Air Direction Control (Up/Down): Auto
  • Air Direction Control (Left/Right): Auto
Air Purification
  • Allergy Care: Yes
  • Anti-Bacteria: Yes
  • Indoor Temp. Display: Yes
  • Display On/Off: Yes
  • Beep On/Off: Yes
  • 24-Hour Timer: Yes
  • Auto Changeover: Yes
  • Auto Restart: Yes
Operating Mode
  • Good Sleep: Yes
  • Dehumidification: Yes
  • Fan Mode: Yes
  • Quiet: Yes

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