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LG 1.0hp R410 Split Air Conditioner [S4-C09TZCAA]


  • R410 Gas
  • Non-Inverter
  • Fast cooling
  • Energy Cooling


What is there to love about LG air conditioners?

  • The air coming out of the product
    fast cooling
    Quick cool down comfort
  • The image of caring for energy and the earth through the products.
    Energy saving
    Take care of energy and our planet
  • A boy sleeping soundly in the wind
    Less noise
    Don’t bother and sleep soundly
  • Image of the Dual Inverter Compressor with 10-year warranty
  • TUV Rheinland logo


    TUV Verified

    LG Inverter air conditioners (US-Q242K*) save up to 70% more energy than LG non-inverter air conditioners (TS-H2465DAO). *Initial temperature (outdoor 35℃ , indoor 33℃ ), set temperature (26℃), test time (8 hours).
  • TUV Rheinland logo


    TUV Verified

    LG inverter air conditioners (US-Q242K*) cool up to 40% faster than non-LG inverter air conditioners (TS-H2465DAO). *Initial temperature (outside 35℃ , inside 33℃ ), setting temperature (26℃ ).
*According to LG internal test, LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner is less than 19dBA. (Model – V10API)
  • The side view of the air conditioner can be seen on the wall. Two hands are being raised, one holding a tool, showing the ease of installation.

    Easy and fast installation

    Enjoy fresh air with an air conditioner that takes less time and effort to install.

  • A father and daughter sleep on a sofa under an air conditioner that blows air on them.

    A more comfortable sleeping environment

    Experience a more comfortable sleep environment with auto-adjust features 1 ).

  • The LG fan outside the house is shown with a dark lightning sky in the background. The LG logo can be seen on the engine side.

    Safety against voltage fluctuations

    Enjoy long-lasting air conditioning with an ability to withstand voltage fluctuation 2 ).

1) When the comfortable sleep function is activated
2) Internally tested LG rated voltage (220 / 115V) ± 25% fluctuation and may vary depending on the environment.
The voltage at which the product operated normally as expected behavior is within 15% of the rated voltage (guaranteed voltage). Continuous operation is possible in the voltage range of 15% or more, but product performance may be degraded.
Test condition : Cooling mode, set temperature. 19 , room condition 32℃ (indoor) / 48 (outdoor)
Test models: S4-C12TZCAA, S4-Q09AA31C, S4-W12JA31A
  • TUV Rheinland logo


    TUV Verified

    TUV has verified that the corrosion area of ​​Gold Fin‍ is not more than 0.05% (over RN 9.5))
    <Test Condition>
    – Test Standard : ISO9227:2017, ISO10289:1999, ASTM B 117 Salt Spray Test
    – Test Sample : AI Fin Sheet (100㎛, 70 X 150㎜) + Organic Coating (1.65g/㎡)
    – Setting Condition: (35±2)℃, 6.5 ~ 7.2 pH, (5±1)% NaCl fog salt spray, 5000 hrs
    – Test result : Not more than 0.05% corrosion area ratio. (about RN 9.5)
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1.0 hp

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